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About Us

I am an individual seller starting the online only jewellery store. Most of the jewellery I sell is handmade.

Glass Jewellery

They are mostly glass containers with different materials inside. Most of them are natural ingredients. E.g. Feather, Dry Flower

Fashion Jewellery

Products plating on the surface are by nickel-lead free, eco-friendly real gold material. But the base copper does contain nickel. So if you have nickel allergy please does not wear this type of jewellery by any chance.

We will not take any responsibility for you action.

Tribal Jewellery

They are mostly made of ceramic, wood in Tribal pattern and design.

Sliver Jewellery

All the Sliver Jewellery collection is Sterling silver, which have a mark of 925. But as they are all under 7.78grams they do not have Hallmark on them.

Time Capsule

They are mostly handmade with resin and brass. Will have special pick image in them.
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